Schädlingsbekämpfung & Insektenschutz gegen Ameisen: Neocid EXPERT Ameisenköder

Neocid EXPERT Ant Bait

Neocid EXPERT Ant Bait completely destroys ant nests indoors, on balconies and terraces. The bait is effective for an entire season, as long as it is positioned where no rain falls on it and there is no waterlogging and the ant infestation is so low that the bait box is not eaten empty.

The bait contains an active sugary ingredient. Sugar is one of the favourite foods of ants, which is why they can be lured by the bait. The ants eat the bait or carry it back to feed the larvae and queen in the nest. The result: the ant nest is completely destroyed in no time.

Press down the round capsule to break the foil of the active gel, and place on the ant paths. Do not expose to direct sunshine. An increased effectiveness may be achieved with the placement of several baits at the same time along the ant path in the event of a heavy infestation or an occurrence in different places. Do not move the bait stations after they have been set up so as not to blur the scent trail left by the ants.

Be aware that ants are creatures of habit. It takes a while until they stray from their favourite routes and ferret out different sources of food. It is therefore normal that after placing the traps nothing at all happens for some time. It generally takes four to eight weeks until the nest is destroyed.

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Pest species:

With the Neocid Reminder, you will never again forget to replace the pest traps that you have set!

Active ingredient:
1R-trans-Phenothrin 0,1 g/100 g

2 pcs.

Item no.: 48144

Pharmacode: 6664899