Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them to you here. If you should nevertheless have questions or suggestions that you cannot find any information on here, please feel fee to contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to help you further.

Is it dangerous for a dog to eat a mouse that has died from the Neocid EXPERT mouse and rat bait?

In order for the dog to be poisoned, a large amount of mouse and rat bait (approx. 4 kg) would have to be eaten. However, we recommend to see a vet anyway.

Is the Neocid EXPERT insect spray also effective against bed bugs?

No, the Neocid EXPERT Insect Spray is not effective against bedbugs.

Is the Neocid EXPERT insect spray harmful for plants?

The product is intended for the treatment of surfaces in rooms and acts as noted on the can against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, fleas, lice, silverfish. The use on plants is not recommended due to the ingredients and an intentional use of the spray on soil is also advised against.

Is there an age minimum at which the Neocid EXPERT combined vaporiser may be used?

There is no defined minimum age, but we recommend not to use the product with sensitive persons such as small children, seniors or asthmatics. The same applies to pets.

What happens to the mice and rats after eating the Neocid EXPERT mouse and rat bait?

After the intake of the mouse and rat bait, death usually occurs a few days later. The animals dry out slowly and die odourlessly.

Can the Neocid EXPERT kitchen moth trap also be used against clothes moths?

Yes, it can. The active substance in the food moth trap also attracts clothes moths.

Can the Neocid EXPERT insect strip be used in a snake terrarium?

No, as snakes are cold-blooded and react extremely sensitively to pyrethroids.

Is it dangerous when my pet eats the insects that have been killed by Neocid EXPERT insect spray?

The active ingredients contained in Neocid EXPERT insect spray are synthetic pyrethroids. These are almost non-toxic for dogs, but very dangerous for cats. So if your dog eats some insects, this is not a problem. If a cat eats the dead insects, we recommend to consult a vet.

Is it dangerous for a cat to walk over a carpet treated with moth spray and afterwards lick its paws?

The moth spray contains the active ingredients tetramethrin and d-phenothrin, which belong to the group of synthetic pyrethroids, and can be very dangerous for cats. Although the dose is low, we recommend that you consult a vet if the cat licks the active ingredient.