Insect identification

Are you sharing your home with unknown pests? We offer you a free-of-charge advisory service. Our specialist staff will determine the type of pest and will provide you with valuable information about their behaviour and the reasons for their occurrence. You will also find out how you can protect yourself in future and what measures need to be taken in the event of an acute infestation.

How does it work?

Ask in your pharmacy or chemist’s shop for the insect identification set from Neocid! If the pharmacy does not have it in stock, they can order it from us, Martec Handels AG, free of charge.

This set includes a jar in which 3-4 pests should ideally be enclosed, preferably alive. You may of course enclose fewer pests or pests that are dead, but identification will then be more difficult and time-consuming. Take the jar back to the pharmacy or chemist’s shop, answer some questions about the habitat and infestation, and your pharmacist or chemist will then take care of everything else for you.