Neocid EXPERT Mosquito-stop combination vaporiser

The Neocid EXPERT Mosquito Stop Combined Humidifier with liquid refill protects in a reliable and odourless manner against all kinds of mosquitoes – also against the transmitters of the Zika virus. One humidifier is enough for a room approx. 20 m3 in size. With larger rooms use several humidifiers in accordance with the number of square metres. It can be turned, works optionally with liquid or plates and can be switched on or off at any time with the on/off switch.

One 30 ml bottle of liquid is effective for around 45 nights.

(1) Remove bottle cap. (2) Screw in bottle in the vaporiser. (3) Plug in vaporiser. (4) Turn switch to ON. After use, turn switch to OFF.

Never use liquid refill and refill tablets at the same time! For a maximum impact, plug in vaporiser approx. 30 minutes ahead of time.

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Additional information:
The Combination Vaporiser (Plug) comes with a bottle. Refill tablets may be purchased separately at any time in a retail or specialty shop.

Pest species:

Active ingredients:
Prallethrin 1,088 g/100 g

1 plug
1 x 30 ml liquid refill bottle

Item no.: 48122

Pharmacode: 7718060