Neocid EXPERT Spider Control

Double effect: preventive and in case of infestation! Combats outdoor spiders and crawling insects before they can enter the house. Also protects against spider webs in the house. Combats spiders and crawling insects already in the house. Works on contact with sprayed surfaces for up to 3 months thanks to microencapsulation.

Pest species

Shake well before use! Test sensitive surfaces for compatibility before use.
Preventive control: spray at a distance of approx. 30 cm on favourite habitats, hiding places as well as entrance areas.  For maximum protection , spray all around the house and for apartments, spray around all windows and doors. Best results can be achieved on covered surfaces.
Direct control: spray directly on spiders or insects.

Active ingredient

D-trans-tetramethrin (CAS: 1166-46-7) 0,1 g/100 g, cyphenothrin (CAS: 39515-40-7) 0,30 g/100 g


400 ml

Item no. | Pharmacode

Item no.: 48023
Pharmacode: 7818718


Before use, remove or tightly seal food, feed, bird cages and aquariums. Contains pyrethroids. Toxic to cats. Use biocides safely. Read label and product information before use.

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