Neocid EXPERT Kitchen Moth Trap

Food (muesli, nuts, cocoa and cereal products) can be infested by larvae (grubs) and moths. The Neocid EXPERT Kitchen Moth Trap is a ready-to-use, odourless, insecticide-free glue trap for moth control and prevention of pest infestation.

The pheromone-based active ingredient attracts the moth-males from the cupboards: insects are stuck on the glue and this way their reproduction cycle is stopped. Replace fully occupied trap with a new one after 3 months at the latest.

First remove any food that has already been infested.
1. Open the aluminium bag.
2. Peel off the protection film from the glue surface, in order to activate the product. Put the trap toghether. Period of time needed for the effect: one hour.
3. Place the trap in the desired place in the kitchen, in a storage room or in a cupboard. One trap is recommended for a cupboard of 1,5 m³ or for a room of 20 m³.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Pest species:

With the Neocid Reminder, you will never again forget to replace the pest traps that you have set!

Active ingredient:
acetate of (Z,E)-tétradéca-9,12-diényle (N°CAS : 30507-70-1) : 0,2138 % (m/m) inside the glue (it is 1,5 mg of pheromone per trap)

2 pcs.

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