Neocid EXPERT Fruit Fly Trap

The Fruit Fly Trap attracts male and female fruit flies by using proven colour attractants. Contains also pheromone. No scented food liquids (e.g. vinegar) are needed. The Fruit Fly Trap is easy to use and safe around food such as fruits and vegetables. The fruit flies are hidden in the trap once they have settled on the adhesive surface. For indoor use only. Works for up to 90 days.

Write the date on the trap. Fold the trap housing into a box. Remove the protective paper from both sides of the glue board. Now insert the glue board diagonally from corner to corner into the box trap. Close the trap. Place the trap on a stable surface near fruits and vegetables. Check the trap every 1 – 2 weeks for signs of infestation. Replace the trap after 12 weeks use.

Pest species:

With the EXPERT Reminder, you will never again forget to replace the pest traps that you have set!

1 pc.

Item no.: 48022

Pharmacode: 7818724