Schädlingsbekämpfung & Insektenschutz gegen Fliegen: Neocid EXPERT Fliegen-Stopp Streifen

Neocid EXPERT Fly Control

The odourless Neocid EXPERT Fly Control are adhesive strips treated with active ingredients and may be attached to window frames. They do not give off any active ingredients into the air. Flies are attracted by the bait, ingest the active ingredient and die shortly thereafter.

Application area:
Kitchen, storage rooms, living rooms and bedrooms or also for camping housing (tents and caravans) or bars in restaurants.
Flies prefer sunny and warm windows, which is why we recommend attaching the bait strips to window frames. The baits are also basically suited for all other surfaces.

(1) Remove protective foil. (2) Pull off strips separately. (3) Stick baits on the window frame or above. Cover unused strips with foil. (4) Replace after 2 months.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Pest species:

With the Neocid Reminder, you will never again forget to replace the pest traps that you have set!

Active ingredient:
Azamethiphos 3,05 g/100 g

12 pcs.

Item no.: 48105

Pharmacode: 1695725