Fruit flies

Fruit flies

The term “fruit flies” refers to two families of flies (sub-genus Brachycera): the Drosophilidae (also called fruit or vinegar flies) and the Tephritidae (also called gall flies).

Fruit flies occur almost everywhere: in moist broadleaf forests and on the edges of forests, but also near to human housing. They are attracted by rotting fruits and remains of drinks in open bottles and feed themselves from their fermenting substances.

Fruit flies are generally seen as nuisance pets rather than harmful pests as most types reproduce in rotting material. The larvae of the Drosophila repleta lie in sewer canals and transmit bacteria. It is generally assumed that fruit flies spread acetic acid bacteria and in this way disrupt the alcoholic fermentation through stimulation of the acetic acid fermentation.

Place Neocid EXPERT Fly Monitor Trap at a bright location, near to the window and spray all areas of the kitchen with disinfectant spray.

Check when shopping if fruits and vegetables already contain fruit flies.