Mice & rats
Mice & rats

Mice & rats

Mice (Mus) and rats (Rattus) are a rodent species from the group of the Murinae. The genus incorporates almost 40 species of mice and 65 species of rats.
Mice reach a head-to-rump length of 4.5 to 12.5 centimetres; plus a tail that can be between 3 and 11 centimetres long. Their weight, if known, is between 12 and 35 grams.
Rats reach a head-to-rump length of 8 to 30 centimetres, the tail length is variable, depending on the species the tail can be substantially shorter to substantially longer than the rump.

House mice can occur in buildings of all kinds and outdoors on fields. In the winter, they like to retreat into buildings and barns. Brown rats can occur, among others, in cellars, storage rooms, stables, barns, sewers and waste disposal sites. They are good swimmers.

They eat supplies and food of all kinds, wood, paper, leather and textiles and even metal parts are gnawed at. The rodents can transmit various diseases such as Leptospirosis, tuberculosis, salmonella and virus infections as well as other pests such as mites and fleas.

Place NEOCID Expert Mouse and Rat Bait at as many places visited by the rodents. Dark, hidden places with a possibility of escape are preferred by the rodents.

Eliminate hiding places, do not permit any opportunities for the animals to build nests.
Store supplies in a clean place.
Dispose of waste carefully.